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Milliken Luxury Vinyl TileMilliken Luxury Vinyl Tile

From natural looks of wood and stone to more modern textures and abstract designs, Milliken’s collection of Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring creates new options for commercial, hospitality and residential interiors. Our simple to search Color Reference system provides easy coordination between LVT options and Milliken’s extensive modular and broadloom carpet offerings. Our award-winning designs also feature innovative technology to keep your floors beautiful now and for years to come.

All Milliken Flexform™ LVT products feature multi-layer construction engineered to provide dimensional stability, durability and resistance to impact that also offer improved acoustical performance and comfort underfoot. Our products meet stringent environmental standards and are 100% ortho-phthalate-free.

RIGIDFORM LVT delivers style backed by performance! Featuring a locking mechanism that allows for quick and easy adhesive-free installation, RIGIDFORM LVT construction provides unsurpassed durability that also hides subfloor imperfections. A pre-attached underlayment minimizes sound while providing comfort underfoot.

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S&B Flooring and Tile Inc does not carry every style of Milliken Luxury Vinyl Tile. Check with them first about a particular product or to see if your product choice is available for special order.

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