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Burke Flooring AccessoriesBurke Flooring Accessories

From floor tile to stair systems, from wall base to adhesives, Burke is the single source supplier for all of your resilient flooring needs. Whatever the application, we have solutions that are as durable, resilient, and as eco-friendly as they are beautiful. Our 20-color Uni-Color System assures color coordination across the entire line of Burke Flooring products. And, if it’s a custom color or product you’re looking for, we’ll work with you to provide the unique solution and enhance your reputation. Beyond our standard offering, our team is both excited and challenged to provide unique solutions to demands of the progressive commercial interiors.
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S&B Flooring and Tile Inc does not carry every style of Burke Flooring Accessories. Check with them first about a particular product or to see if your product choice is available for special order.